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  • Isaac Sandoval

Why M&M Welding and Fabrication?

With the multitude of precast and dry cast manufacturers out there, what separates M&M from the rest of the herd? I mean, how different can one precast form be from another?

I would argue that as a consumer, the number one factor in satisfaction is the heart of the company towards the customer. A company can offer a superior product, a better price, greater promotional offers, but all of those lose their appeal if I have to: 1) Speak to a robot 2) Listen to elevator music while waiting on my call to be transferred to someone that can help me 3) Hear the words, "I'm sorry, we can't..."

At M&M Welding and Fabrication, we can. We can assure you that you will never speak to a robot during office hours. We can promise, there will be immediate assistance to your questions or needs. We can guarantee you that we care about you as our client. You are the reason we have a business, and it is our company's imperative to meet the customer's needs.

When you do business with us, you can rest assured that you are doing business with a multi-million dollar company that is still all about the individual; not the bottom line. Our reputation rests on quality and customer service. Not only that, we pride our self on our willingness to take on jobs that other mainstream precast companies don't (or can't) touch.

Recently, a client was looking for a company to fabricate a 20' Jacking Pipe. Time and time again, they were told, "Sorry, we can't build that." "Too big." "Impossible to make one that size." When we were contacted we told them with confidence, "We can make it happen for you."

Next thing that client knew: two 20' Jacking Pipes were on their way.

We are an international company that hasn't forgot about home.

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