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  • Isaac Sandoval

Quality vs. Quality

What makes a high quality product? For consumers, "quality" can have different meanings. For some, a high quality product simply meets their needs; while for others, it means meeting a specific standard. Most consumers will sacrifice one for the other.

Companies are continuously seeking ways to match their quality to their product's costs. Some companies will build low quality products while marking up their cost in order to meet their bottom line. Others might attempt to sell more products by matching their lower quality products to a lower price; yet, they will market that product as "high quality." And then, there are those companies that truly have high quality products with a high price tag.

People who shop at designer stores are willing to pay the high cost of their products because they know that they are walking out with a high quality product. It isn't just name-brand, it's in the detail.

In the precast industry, many companies produce what appears to be the same products. They look the same. They function the same. They're made the same way. And every manufacturing company claims their products are high quality. But are they? And how can you tell the difference?

This is why at M & M Welding and Fabrication, we pride our self on the details of each product. Each weld must pass not only AWS standards, they must also possess a high aesthetic product.

Our high-grade carbon steel products are hand fabricated by professionals to ensure they meet our customers' standards - even to 1/32 of an inch. Safety mechanisms are installed to ensure that products are not only user friendly, but also safe to operate.

At M&M Welding and Fabrication, high quality means a product that meets industry and customer standards, high grade material, precise, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing. Customer satisfaction is our guarantee.

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